Are you planning A Spring Play Area for the Kids?

Young kids can grow fast over the autumn and winter months. If your babies are now beginning to venture out into the garden, it is probably time to think of ways to keep them entertained in a safe environment.

Rattan Cube furniture is built with families in mind. We have seating options that will help you make the most of the spring time when the weather is good. However, Rattan Cube also provides an excellent range of playhouses that are ideal for children of all ages.

Rethink your Seating Arrangements with Rattan Cube

First things first: It may be time to revise your garden furniture, including seating, to better accommodate growing children. We supply seating that is suitable for families of any size. If you really want to think ahead and plan for birthday parties in the garden, Rattan Cube can supply 2 – 12 piece seating options.

All our furniture is stylish and luxurious, and made from durable materials that are easily washable. Rattan Cube furniture is also intended for use in all-year-round weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about the adverse effects of rain or sun.

Children’s Playhouses

Our range of playhouses is designed to meet the needs of children in all age ranges. If you are concerned safety; playhouse Alex, Alice or Julia are all ideal options for younger kids. For children who are a little more adventurous and don’t need as much supervision, consider playhouse Robin or Sarah to keep them happy while you relax in the garden.

For all your spring play area needs in Britain and Ireland, reach out to Rattan Cube today

Rattan Corner Sofa

Spring Rattan Furniture is only around the corner!

Are you Rattan Furniture Ready for Spring?

The thing about average garden furniture is that it does not typically stand up well to winter weather in Britain and Ireland. However, Rattan Cube furniture is designed to withstand the harshest weather without losing its lustre. We have a number of options which are ideal for outside living the entire year round.

Rattan Sofas

You shouldn’t have to abandon your garden just because the weather is getting colder. Rattan provides a large range of sofas to cater to every need. Our furniture is suited to both outdoor and indoor living so you can even bring your sofa inside if you have the space. Rattan Cube furniture is designed with a high resistance to water and rust, making a sofa from Rattan Cube the perfect choice for extending your enjoyment of the garden into the winter months.

Adaptable Style by Design

Besides being designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, Rattan Cube furniture will blend in perfectly with any landscape design and works as focal feature in your garden. We guaranty that you will find Rattan Cube furniture that compliments your personal style choices. With Rattan furniture you can brighten up your outdoor living space and defy the weather well into autumn and winter.

Affordable, Long Lasting Furniture

Rattan Cube furniture is affordable and long lasting. If you compare prices to furniture from other providers you will find that Rattan Cube furniture is competitively priced while taking the lead in durability and quality by design.

For autumn furniture ideas, look to Rattan Cube to complete your garden luxury design with style at a price that is affordable.

Autumn is not the end of Summer with Rattan Cube

Autumn is not the end of Summer with Rattan Cube

The end of summer is often a depressing time. The summer begins to disappear much earlier in the evening and the cold creeps in to put a dampener on outdoor living. A gazebo and fireplace from Rattan Cube are great options for extending your enjoyment of the garden long into the autumn months. You will have shelter from the wind and the cold, as well as the option of warming up by the fire when the evening draws in.

Pop Up Gazebo

A pop up gazebo from Rattan Cube is a great option for getting out of the cold when you want to spend time outside during the autumn months. Combined with 3 side panels, these gazebos are an affordable choice for homeowners who can’t aren’t quite ready to come in from the cold. There are few better garden accessories when it comes to keeping warm than a pop up gazebo from Rattan Cube.

Rattan Fireplace

The autumn months seem to get colder with each passing year. If you want to spend time in the garden but wind chill is an issue, why not consider a fireplace from Rattan Cube to turn up the heat? We have a number of options to suit every taste and style. You won’t have to worry about the temperature dropping when you can always warm yourself up by the fire.

To enhance your outdoor autumn experience, browse our collection of gazebos and fireplace to find the right match for your landscape. Rattan Cube has furniture and accessories to suit every taste and budget.

Making Summer Last with Rattan Cube

Summer in the U.K. and Ireland has always been a bit of a guessing game. The meteorologists always try their best but you never quite know what you are going to wake up to on any given day. That is why it’s important to make the summer last with furniture from Rattan Cube.

If you are worried about the rain putting a dampener on your day, Rattan Cube has solutions no matter the weather. With the right garden furniture and accessories you can ensure that you, your guests and your furniture stay dry the whole summer through.

Rattan Cube Gazebos

We have gazebos suited to every occasion and need. You can enjoy a summer garden party without worrying about rain spoiling the fun. Our large luxury gazebo provides the perfect shelter from sun showers on barbeque days, as well as providing shade when your guests want to stay cool. We also provide 3 piece panel sets measuring 3 meters each, which is more than enough space for a small to medium gathering.

Waterproof Covers

Even if the good weather is predicted for the days you want to spend in the garden, there’s still overnight rain to consider. When waterproof covers from Rattan Cube you can keep your furniture dry when not in use and dive straight into enjoying the sun the next day. We specialise in summer furniture and accessories so whatever you need to prolong your outside summer enjoyment you will find it at Rattan Cube.

For more summer furniture ideas, feel free to browse the Rattan Cube range or place an order today.

We are giving away a FREE pop up gazebo worth 100 euro with any orders on our Rio two tone black range this week

Rio are 8 Seater cube sets  4 chairs , 4 footstools – No assembly needed, Quality Rattan cube. Outdoor garden furniture set made for compact living and comfort, comes with beige cushions. Rattan cube sets are welded units so no flat pack necessary. Ideal for patios, conservatories, holiday homes, restaurants and bars. Cube sets offer compact seating ideal for smaller spaces if space is an issue, the footstools can be used as seating. Cube sets have cushions for both seats and footstools. Architects recommend our furniture to clients due to the variety of styles offered and quality assured. 1 year guarantee is offered with all stock sold online. Next day delivery is made with our courier service, a highly recommended courier service. Rattan furniture is the new wood and has less affects on the environment than wooden furniture. Rattan is cleaned with soapy water and that’s it, no chemicals or special cleaners needed. Cushions can be machine washed and glass cleaned with soapy water. Outdoor garden furniture is moving from an outdoor item to an indoor item. Rattan can be used as conservatory furniture or sunroom furniture offering comfort and style throughout. Get ordering this week, Place FBPOPUPRIO in additional notes to avail of our free gift to you!



rio 4 seater black - red chairs out

Rio Rattancube

Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy Friday’s. Whoo hoo Bank Holiday has arrived. We would like to wish a sunshiney one for all our customers this weekend. Today is our last day of our fabulous FREE ruby set offer. As well as ordering online , if your in Malahide Road Industrial Estate area come see the range of furniture we have on display in our showrooms!


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Fancy A free Ruby?

Check out Rattancube’s Ruby range. And We are giving it away FREE on any costa sofa orders, up until 31st July. See our July offer post on our  Blog page for full offer!
This is not only perfect outdoors on your lawn or patio but would make any conservatory look fab too!! The ruby range can seat 4 people and comes with a coffee table with tempered glass. Enjoy the spring and summer air with one of these sets to relax on. Have a look at our video of the ruby below


4 more sleeps to another Bank Holiday!

One thing we love about Summer in Ireland is our Bank Holidays! The last one of the summer is this weekend, can you believe it!! Order any piece of furniture today and have it delivered in time to relax in your garden or conservatory for the August Bank Hollier. Rattancube has all kinds of garden furniture to suit all gardens, patios and conservatories. The pre-assembled cubes are the best sellers this summer, has they don’t need much maintenance to keep them in top shape for years to come. Check out our cubes here. Rio/Marbella rattancube’s

Chance of Rain ? We really hope not but just in case we also stock pop up gazebo’s, a Luxury gazeboParasols and a range of fire chimney’s to keep you and your guests warm and dry.

School Holidays are in full swing, are you finding it hard to keep the kids entertained. Check out our playhouse range. These quirky playhouses are guaranteed hours of fun for any child. Some come with built in slides, verandas and sandpit. Playhouses are even perfect even if it does rain!

All our items have had a price drop. Click here to see our sale now on!

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