Rattan Cube Furniture Designed with Summer in Mind

Everything about Rattan Cube furniture makes it ideal for summer outdoor living. If you consider the design, colour schemes and materials used in the manufacturing of Rattan Cube furniture it becomes clear that there is a method in how we produce our deluxe sets.

Our commitment to excellence means that you can enjoy the summer regardless of how the Irish weather decides to turn out on any particular day. Rattan Cube furniture has built in UV protection to stop weathering, two tone colours that promote cooling in the heat and synthetic material built to last come rain or shine.

Lasts Longer with Care
As standard, Rattan Cube furniture lasts longer in all weather conditions. You can leave your furniture out all year round, which means not having to find storage for your deluxe sofas in the winter. However, we also provide protective waterproof covers that will keep dirt and mould at bay.
Cleaning involves little more than soapy water for material furniture items and a suitable cleaner for glass. That is all that’s needed to set your furniture up for the summer so that you can concentrate on relaxing with family and friends.

Choose from a Large Range
We have loungers that will provide you with the perfect opportunity to relax in the sun, 2 seaters for intimate outdoor dining, and larger sets of up to 12 seats for a luxury outdoor party atmosphere. With Rattan Cube you have the freedom to mix-and-match your furniture to suit your needs and personal taste for the ultimate outside living space.
Are you interested in furniture designed for outdoor living? Browse our range today and start planning your summer garden.

Add the Perfect Touch to your Summer Re-landscaping with Rattan Cube Furniture

Summer is the perfect time of year for landscaping, so make sure to plan for exclusive furniture items from Rattan Cube. There is no telling which way the weather will turn this summer, which is why it is important to plan for the worst.

The good news is that at Rattan Cube you can avail of all the furniture that you need for even the coolest summer nights. We specialise in providing bespoke furniture that is perfect for outdoor living anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Spring Furniture

Our Milano 4 chair range includes a free umbrella and base, making this the perfect item for either patios or other seating areas on your landscape. This set does not take up a lot of space, allowing you to easily rearrange your furniture as the weather improves this May.

Alternatively you could opt for the 4 seater Paris Range which is suited for all weather conditions, durable and easy to maintain. If you are searching for comfortable seating that will allow you to lounge in the garden the whole day through, Rattan Cube has you covered!

At Rattan Cube we also have a range of outdoor fires to suit every taste. If you find that your time spent in your garden is limited by the weather consider the Fireplace Cuenca, Cordoba or Saragossa for affordable options to keep you warm during the spring.

For more great spring furniture ideas feel free to browse our entire range at RattanCube.i.e

Spring into fashion with these amazing buys!

Get your Springtime Furniture Extras from Rattan Cube

Spring is a time for change when most homeowners are itching to get into the garden. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of gardening and landscaping, Rattan Cube has the perfect solution.

You don’t need to go all out to get your garden ready for spring. With furniture extras from Rattan Cube you can completely transform your garden into the perfect outdoor living space. If you are working with a budget, don’t worry, we furniture extras that are affordable yet still over practicality and comfort.

Luxury Gazebo

There is no better way to create an outdoor living space on your landscape than with a Luxury Gazebo from Rattan Cube. With a solid steel structure designed for easy reassembly, this item is ideal for hosting parties or impromptu barbeques when the weather is permitting. We also provide affording setting options so that your guests can relax in comfort.

Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are perfect additions to every garden, especially in spring when the weather becomes warmer and more suitable for outside living. The great thing about affordable benches from Rattan Cube is that they are easily rearranged when you feel like a change or as the sun moves in the sky.

The Little Extras

For those little touch-ups, we can provide storage boxes, folding tables and a range of parasols. Rattan Cube can also supply replacement items which you may have lost over the winter months, such as parasol bases or gazebo leg weights.

Rattan Cube is your provider of high quality garden furniture at prices that you can afford. We are here to help you bring your garden alive in whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Get the Kids out of the Bedroom and into the Garden this Spring with a Rattan Cube Playhouse

The worst part about winter for kids is that playing outside is rarely an option. The weather is either too cold or too wet, leaving mums and dads the task of find ways to keep little ones entertained. This spring, you can create incentive for putting down the console controller and rediscovering the garden with a Rattan Cube Playhouse!

Large Range to Choose From

If you are reluctant to invest in a playhouse due to concerns about the item blending in with your landscape, Rattan Cube has a large range for you to choose from. Our playhouses come in plain or neutral colours, making them ideal for blending into any landscape.

We also offer a range of designed suited to different ages and interests. You won’t have any difficulty finding the ideal playhouse to keep your children active this spring when you choose Rattan Cube as your trusted supplier of outside furniture.

Weather Ready with Rattan Cube

The weather shouldn’t prevent your children from having fun outside this spring. You can purchase an anchor set from Rattan Cube to secure your playhouse so play can continue in most rainy or windy conditions. You can rely on Rattan Cube furniture for all your outdoor living ideas for all the family.

If you don’t have kids but do have pets, our interactive playhouses are a great way to provide extra outdoor time and exercise. Small dogs or cats get hours of entertainment out of our Playhouse Sarah, Robin or Sunny ranges!


Are considering carrying out next level landscaping this spring? If so, Rattan Cube furniture is perfectly suited for large projects. From patios to gardens, we can provide everything you need to create your ideal outdoor living spaces.

Garden & Patio Furniture

One of the challenges that homeowners face when landscaping is choosing the right furniture for the available space. Rattan Cube specializes in supplying furniture that works with the shape and size of your garden or patio. Our ranges are also colour designed to ensure that furniture does not clash with surrounding features.

Whether you need garden sofa sets, seating for 4-12 people, or a bar style feature for entertaining, Rattan Cube can help you create stunning outdoor living areas with bespoke furniture. We also provide a range of gazebo options which are idea for hosting parties during the spring when the weather decides to put a dampener on your plans.

Stay Warm this Spring with Rattan Cube

Irish Spring weather can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spending time relaxing in your new garden. A Rattan Cube outside fire is a great centrepiece for any garden, providing warmth when the temperature falls in the evening.

We have a large range of fires to choose from including fireplace, chimney and heater styles. Just like our furniture, Rattan Cube fires are designed to compliment your existing landscape and offer both a practical and decorative solution to outdoor living needs.

Do you need more spring ideas for this coming season? Feel free to browse our range of products at RattanCube.ie or call today to enquire about available discounts!


Is Rattan Cube Furniture Summer Friendly?.

You will often see garden furniture marketed towards particular seasons or weather conditions. This type of marketing is what’s known as “niche marketing.” In other words, the product you are buying is designed to appeal to a specific group of consumers.

However, limiting your garden furniture choices to specific seasons is generally not a good idea. By doing so you are lowering the use to cost value of your furniture. Basically, if you are only using your outdoor furniture a few months out of the year, you are not getting value for your money.

Rattan Cube furniture is built to last. When you buy furniture from Rattan Cube you are making a worthwhile investment. So, when summer rolls around again, you can purchase additional pieces of furniture instead of having to replace your current set.

The furniture you purchase from Rattan Cube is robust and UV protected. For furniture that that withstand the elements, Rattan Cube should be your number one choice. Inferior products do not withstand the constant bombardment of UV rays experienced during the summer months.

Make sure your garden is kitted out with the most stylish and enduring furniture and accessories this year with choice pieces from Rattan Cube’s extensive range.

Get Fired up for Summer with Rattan Cube Furniture

No summer is complete without days spent in the garden relaxing in the sun. Furniture from Rattan Cube is designed for outdoor living. To create your open living space, we recommend re-familiarising yourself with your garden for the summer.

Knowing where your garden gets the most sunlight is important. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to sunlight or shade, so make sure the location of your outdoor living space allows you to get the most from the summer.

When choosing furniture think about the people who are going to spend time in your garden, and the activities you want to enjoy. The 2 Seater Sydney Range is ideal for a cosy outdoor sitting area, whereas our 12 Seater Marbella options allow for outdoor entertainment.

While you will get to enjoy longer days out in the garden during the summer, all good things must come to an end. Unless, of course, you have an outdoor fire to keep you warm in the summer evenings. Rattan Cube can provide a range of outdoor fires to suit every style.

Don’t forget to make sure you deck out your garden with a few loungers, too. There is no better way to enjoy the sun than lounging out on a Florence or Amalfi lounger from our Rattan Cube range. Check out our full range of Rattan Cube furniture for more ideas to brighten up your garden this summer.

Summer Ideas to Make the Most of Rattan Cube Furniture

With summer upon us, it is time to get your garden ready for the sunny days. While the season calls for replanting, it is also a good time to consider revamping your garden furniture. What worked in Spring may not necessarily work in summer. Some of your furniture may need packed away, whereas other pieces of furniture will need replaced.

Before you begin, it is a good idea to take stock of the furniture you have. If your current furniture doesn’t gel with your vision for a summer garden, don’t just put it out for convenience sake. Your furniture should complement your summer garden design and style.

The Rattan 12 seater Marbella range, or the 8 seater Rio is ideal for large families or hosting summer parties. The colours and styles will fit perfectly with any summer garden theme, and the furniture is highly resistant to any kind of weather.

Although the weather begins to get warmer in summer, evenings are still quite mild. However, that does not mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy sitting in the garden once the sun goes down. Fire pits are a great way to create a centrepiece for a summer garden, while also serving a practical purpose.

Rattan Cube stock a range of garden fireplaces and fire pits, all of which are unique in design. With the right fire pit you can bring your garden alive, even at night. Your family or guests can sit outside, enjoying the vibrant spring colours of your garden and the clear, moonlight skies.

There is furniture to fit every summer style available from Rattan Cube. From playhouses for the kids to loungers for the garden, you can find everything you need to create the perfect summer garden.

Spring Furniture Buying Guide

Spring arriving is an exciting time for homeowners who enjoy spending time in the garden. You will be tempted to rush out to buy new furniture. However, if you are too hasty you may make some regrettable choices. It is therefore necessary to follow a sensible buyer’s guide, when choosing the right furniture for your garden.

Outside Living Space

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the size and shape of your outdoor living space. That is the space available to arrange furniture. There are two ways to approach utilising space: Guesstimate and waste time trying to visualise size and dimensions, or take a few minutes to take accurate measurements of your garden.

Fit for Purpose

You can plan the perfect garden party, but all your preparation will come to nought if there is insufficient space for guests to sit and relax. When purchasing furniture it is important to be realistic about whether it is fit for purpose. Rattan Cube ranges come in sizes to suit every need, so you can rely on us to provide you with idea furniture set for your garden.

Assembly and Storage

Assembly and storage are two areas that are important when it comes to arranging furniture. Preassembled furniture is usually not ideal for elevated areas such as balconies. For instance, the Rattan Cube Sydney 2 Seater range is small, lightweight and perfect for balconies and other elevated outdoor spaces. For easy storage, you should consider a fold up table from Rattan Cube which you can bring out when you need extra furniture for hosting spring parties.

Using this simple buyer’s guide in mind, you can create the perfect garden for spring and summer. Giving you the space and flexibility you need to suit every occasion.

Why we love gazebo? And you should too!

Typically, the gazebo is an outdoor structure which can be the centerpiece for your landscape. It is covered with the roof having open sides. Depending on its size, it can be accessorized with benches and tables of various types to create a luxury sitting arrangement.

They are perfect for relaxing with friends, family reunions, spending a romantic evening with your loved one or to read and have a drink. It is perfect for planning an evening dinner in summer with your friends or family. It is indeed a perfect place to relax, soak in the beauty of flowers blooming in your garden and watch your children play.

Still in dilemma to whether setup gazebo in your garden or not? Here we give you 3 reasons why you can’t ignore them.

Decorativeness: Can we deny the aesthetics of a beautiful old-style gazebo? There is nothing which can enhance the beauty of your garden with a finely crafted gazebo. Whether you are opting for a traditional one or a modern wooden gazebo, it is surely going to bring charm to your garden.

This is indeed going to make your friends awe in amazement. With perfect lighting and setup, your dinner parties are going to have their own distinguished aura.

Functionality: Do you feel like sitting alone for a while and enjoy your solitude? Well, a gazebo is a perfect place to do that. Whether you are tired from work or want to spend some time in solitude, come, sit and enjoy your own world. Nobody is going to disturb you here. I am sure it will be the best place to recharge and refresh yourself.

Watch your kids play in the garden or call up a friend and chat up a while. Plan parties or family reunions and gatherings. Everybody is going to love the new addition to your garden and it is going to make many memories for you.

Addition to the property: Yes, the gazebo is a smart money investment. Any house with a finely decorated gazebo is obviously going to add value in terms of real estate than the one without.

The reason behind this value appreciation can be credited to the better aesthetics, relaxing space, and functionality of your home which pulls off a better price. Now that’s what you call a smart choice, isn’t it?